Atelier Ania Ceramic Studio was created in 2007, since then I have been creating ceramic mosaics, sculptures, lighting, as well as stained glass windows for interiors and gardens.

I am a ceramicist, stained glass artist, teacher, I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in Poland – painting and drawing and it takes me further…

I can also say that I like working with fabrics, creating with wood, glass and paper – all visual arts are very interesting to me and I love learning new ones. Recently I have become interested in cyanotype, let’s see what will come of it…

But above all, I liked ceramics. Every minute spent with clay is very precious to me. I really like mosaics – it absorbs me for hours, then I forget about everyday life and move into the world of shapes and colors without limits and borders.

I am inspired by nature...

Everything that comes out of my hands has its origins in the nature surrounding me. Both materials – I really like working with natural materials – clay, wood, wool. I also draw ideas for my work from the nature around me. I look for inspiration in nature, in nature, in the weather…

This is how my ceramic mosaics, lanterns and sculptures, stained glass lamps and tapestries are created.

I also share this love for creations based on nature during my stationary workshops and online courses.

There’s so much going on at Atelier Ania.

ceramic mandala
ceramic angel


If you are visiting north-west France – I invite you to my ceramic studio. You can make your own gift for a loved one with me. Also when you just want to have a nice time in a creative, friendly atmosphere. You can also come with children or spend your time creatively. In any case, I invite you to classes at the Studio – you can join at any time. I help in the implementation of projects, and I offer materials and firing of works in the price. I organize workshops for children, adults and families. You  can reserve your place here: RESERVATIONS

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